My name is Agata and I am a relationship coach.

I help women end cycles of conflict in their relationships by restoring a sense of their self-worth and self-confidence so they can feel valued & appreciated by their partners.

About Agata

Agata Langer is a relationship coach who shows you how to mend your relationship WITHOUT the need for your partner to participate so you can finally stop the patterns of codependency and feel empowered to take confident action toward creating the life you desire.

She gives you tools to communicate effectively with your partner, where you can confidently express your feelings without the fear of starting an argument or getting offended.

One of her main focuses is healing the relationship with SELF so you can restore a sense of self-worth and finally feel appreciated, heard, and valued.

Agata’s mission is to help women heal their childhood wounds so they can resolve repeating patterns of trauma, codependency, and self-sabotage and finally attract, maintain and fall back in love with themselves and the relationships they are in.


“Although the main goal of working with Agata is to fix relationships, it is really about working out the relationship with yourself, so that it fuels the relationship with your partner, your children, your parents or just with yourself ...”

Gave me more

Viola K.

“Working with Agata gave me more than my therapist in the last 2 months.”

The power of changing

Sylwia W.

Now I know that the power of changing my relationship lies within me!

Before I started working with Agata, I was falling apart emotionally.

After working with Agata, I finally could stop feeling sorry for myself and now I know how to take care of myself and my energy.

Now I can have a conversation with my husband without arguing or yelling at each other.

I am more optimistic

Beata J.

“After working with Agata, the perspective on my relationship shifted completely. Many problems automatically ceased to exist and my soul feels lighter now. I am more optimistic and I love and appreciate my husband and myself even more.”

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